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  • How to stop 80-90% of the busy work you've been doing to sell your coaching offers
  • My personal sales strategy that you can adapt and customize to your unique needs (but if you're a coach, you likely need the same things as me)
  • How you can implement this strategy without having to start your business over
  • Where I use my simple sales strategy so sales flow in effortlessly without objection, friction, or being salesy

If you want to make more sales, help more people, and make it happen faster than figuring this out on your own (I figured it out and can just teach you instead), this program is for you!

This is registration for the live program The Strategy of Simple Sales, which will occur on August 10th and August 11th, 2023.

The Strategy of Simple Sales is the program where I will teach you the sales strategy I follow every day that continues to make me millions without big launches or fancy funnels. 

This program is going to teach you:

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