What do I get access to as soon as I join?

When you join B-Club you get access to the program that is currently taking place or the next upcoming program/masterclass. There is also a program playlist in the Guides section of the B-Club Facebook group that has 39+ hours of trainings for you to dive into ASAP.

B-Club FAQ

I saw that XX program took place a month ago, if I join now can I get access to it?

When you join B-Club you get access to the current program/masterclass taking place or the one that is about to start. It does not give you access to previous programs. Because you have a full year ahead of you in B-Club, the program you are wondering about will most likely come back around! If you ever are unsure of what you get access to, you can message Imperfect Woman on Facebook Messenger and they will support you! ​

What if I can't make a program, or feel like I get behind. How long do I have access to the programs?

Programs take place live, and the replays are available for you to rewatch anytime. You have access to the programs during your B-Club membership, and you can rewatch them whenever it suits you. We do suggest being in the live energy of the program as it is taking place if you can! However, the point of B-Club is for you always to have an abundance of trainings to dive into - at your pleasure!

Where do the programs take place?

All programs & masterclasses take place inside a private Facebook group. The lives are held on Zoom and streamed into the Facebook group. The replays are posted in the Facebook group as well.

What if I need to leave B-Club before my year long commitment is complete?

When someone commits to B-Club it is a year long membership where the program price is heavily discounted. When someone decides to leave B-Club early they are retroactively charged for the selling cost of all programs and masterclasses that took place during the duration of the time in B-Club.

​Does B-Club include 1:1 time, private coaching, or private mentorship with Malorie?

No, it does not. The only way to get 1:1 time or private coaching with Malorie is to be in one of her higher-level masterminds, private coaching, or private mentorship containers. However, when Malorie does live trainings she does interact with the comments of the livestream, and many programs include Q+A sessions!

How do I change my method of payment?

Please reach out to Imperfect Woman either via email hello@imperfectwoman.com or message Imperfect Woman on Facebook, and we will send you the payment portal link.

Purchase Terms & Conditions: For all purchases, if you are paying through a payment plan, you are responsible for completing each payment regardless if you leave the program or do not complete it in the time-frame provided. There are no refunds for clients that pay in full or clients paying through a payment plan.  

What is the schedule of programs?

We will give the start date as soon as it is scheduled!
As soon as the full schedule is available it will be sent out via email after you've purchased. Only those that purchase will have access to the schedule when it becomes available

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