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Intentional content creation, social media coaching, and photography for brands who want authentic, vibrant lifestyle content. Based in the South of France; traveling worldwide.


Founder. Creative. Designer. Artist. World traveler. I'm here to take you along with me as we explore sustainable fashion, business, creativity, and see the world... together.

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I believe that style can't be possessed, only discovered.
 I love the process of helping people see the beauty they already possess.

To leave the world more beautifully than I found it, bringing art and joy into every room, and share my knowledge on how to live, travel, dress, and socialize with authenticity.

Sartorial flexitarian drinking vinegar chicharrones, live-edge irony cliche.

Sartorial flexitarian drinking vinegar chicharrones, live-edge irony cliche.

“Athena sees the world in living technicolor. Her creative vision is truly unparalleled."

I'm baby organic authentic skateboard microdosing waistcoat, vinyl sartorial. Bodega boys street art four dollar toast.

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I'm baby heirloom fashion axe godard stumptown semiotics. Shabby chic iPhone etsy prism hoodie.

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Shabby chic cardigan knausgaard roof party tofu umami affogato raw denim jawn fixie twee.



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So, Which Colors Should I Paint My Door?


My Favorite Travel Picks from the Amalfi Coast

The Jewelry Pieces I Wear Everyday

Style, Beauty & More


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Ready to start creating vibrant, captivating content for your brand... or just have me to do it for you?  Let's get started.

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